Radish microgreens are very popular with foodies and home microgreen growers.There are many good reasons for the radish microgreen popularity. For foodies and chefs, radish microgreens add fresh flavor, crunchy texture, and spiciness to food. Radish microgreens are also packed with vitamins and vital nutrients.

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Radish microgreens are one of the easiest and quickest microgreens to grow. As such, they are an awesome variety for first time growers to sow, raise, and harvest.The seeds are easy to handle, they germinate quickly, grow like weeds, are easy to harvest, and provide ton of flavor and crunchy texture to food. Within 10-days of planting the seed you can be eating radish microgreens. Beginning growers will get to see the whole process in about a week, and that keeps continued interest to grow microgreens high.

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